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This week I was honored to be a panelist invited from the office of CUNY focusing on the finance sector innovation, continuing education and workforce development to a not-for-profit meetup to help aspiring finance sector professionals. I loved being able to share my insight and career experience with recruitment and banking to support Project Basta.

About Project Basta: 

A new non-profit based in New York that connects college graduates who were the first in their family to attend a university with career opportunities. As these first-generation students often come from low-income or immigrant families, they might have spent most of college working rather than taking unpaid internships, or they might have different expectations of what a résumé should include.


About the Event: 

  • Subject of the Panel: ‘Inside the World of Big Banking’
  • Where: Held in NYC in the Flatiron District on May 16th
  • Whom: Audience of CUNY college students and recent grands interested in careers in big banks

Why was I excited to attend?

As someone who is a first generation US born and a CUNY grad myself, I can relate to the Basta community so right away I felt an attachment to the mission. I knew it would be the perfect way to give back as not only someone who went from CUNY to work for some of the largest banks in the world, but also as a recruitment leader in the space.